The Halifax Region United Baptist Association is a group of Baptist churches found in the Halifax/Dartmouth area of Nova Scotia and also reaches to Mt Uniacke and Elmsdale. We are a part of the Atlantic Baptist Conventionand also of Canadian Baptist Ministries As an association we seek to encourage one another in the ongoing ministries of the Halifax Region as well as many in the Maritimes and elsewhere.

New Webmaster Needed!

It has been almost a year since I left Porters Lake United Baptist and I have been maintaining the web site since. However, I live in Valley outside Truro and feel that someone in the Halifax Association would be better suited to take care of the site. Therefore, as of February 1st, 2016, I will no longer continue to update the site. I will happily send along copies of my HTML and CSS files to the new web master. Also I own the rights to the domain name and will transfer it to whomever takes over. Someone will then have to arrange for hosting and maintaining the site. It has been a pleasure taking care of the site for you and I wish everyone the best in their ongoing ministry.

Darrell Feltmate